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This is the story of Luna, a world-traveling black cat, and her vicious monsters!
Increase the population and intercept the enemy! The ultimate trial-and-error game is born!
A full-fledged tower defense game from "Luna's Tail" is now in production!


  • Produce food and increase the population.

    Let's build a ranch and increase the population! Population growth is the important key!
  • Produce MANA, the source of summons.

    You want a high score? Then save up MANA!


  • It is a single attack but can cover all enemies on land and in the air. Fault is that it does not effective against hard enemies.
  • It sends a shell dealing area damege. Fault is that there is a time lag until it hits the target.
  • Defenders make a sally to strand the enemies.
  • It does the penetrating magic and attack flying enemies. Placement is important.


  • It recovers defenders in the range. Also, increase MANA gotten in MANA Tank.
  • Singing voice charms flying enemies,reduces speed of them. Enchanted enemies have a higher drop rate of treasure chests.
  • It does the magic that makes Goblin species betray with a certain probability.
  • It releases a penetrating magic towards flying enemies, giving them poison that increases the damage they suffer.
  • It does the magic that freezes the enemy and slows them down.
  • It slows down flying enemies with ice AoE.
  • It constantly generates a storm of slowing & continuous damage. Not effective against heavy enemies.
  • It summons powerful ogres as defender.
  • It releases an electricity AoE that paralyzes enemies with a certain probability.
  • It smashes enemies with a projectile attack that boasts an overwhelmingly long range.
  • It burns down enemies with flame AoE. The combustion damages continuously, but the speed is increased by 1.3 times.
  • It does the magic that causes instant death to the enemy. Or, damages enemies that resist instant death.


Powerful flame attack. Hits even flying enemies. When cultivated, it becomes a multi-stage attack!

Powerful ice attack. It hits even flying enemies. Use the freezing effect to slow down enemies! Strengthen it to slow them down even more!

Powerful lightning attack. It hits even flying enemies. Use paralysis attacks to slow down enemies!

Special summons can be placed to stall the enemy. You can summon more powerful summons by training them!

Stage View

  • Luna & Monsters TD -The deprived magical kingdom-
  • 2D Tower Deffence
  • 2022.12.21
  • (Nintendo Switch version will be released on July 27, 2023)
  • Android / iOS / Steam / Nintendo Switch
  • Single